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Call for Artists

East Tennessee Artscapes is accepting proposals for visiting artists to participate in our 2021 Arts and Nature Fusion Youth Program. The curriculum for this program is designed to promote positive social networks, coping skills and resiliency to offset the effects of adverse childhood experiences. The program will use nature and art as therapeutic mechanisms. Four visiting naturalists and artists will hold sessions relating to their specialty.

East Tennessee Artscapes was founded in Newport, TN in 2016 in an effort to provide arts opportunities to our underserved, rural community. Through after school programs, community arts projects, exhibitions, workshops, and business startup training we are building a strong creative sector to meet the educational, economic, and social needs of our community.

The program will take place between March and May 2022, to be scheduled in tandem with selected artists’ availability and the schedule of the Cocke County School System. The proposed sessions may be held after school on concurrent days, on weekends, or if the selected artist(s) reside in East Tennessee, they may choose to hold sessions on a weekly basis until completion of project.

All staff and visiting artists will receive training from a Trauma Informed Certified Trainer prior to interacting with the participants. Stipends of up to $1,200 are available to established artists who demonstrate experience leading youth projects. Please submit at least three images of work, an artist statement, professional references, a description of proposed session(s) with a detailed budget.

The Arts and Nature Fusion Program is made possible by funding and between the Tennessee Arts Commission, The East Tennessee Foundation, The Boys and Girls Club, The East Tennessee State University Department of Counseling and Family Services.

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