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ArtArts Build Communities 2021

East Tennessee Artscapes was the recipient of an Arts Build Communities grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission. Due to the disruptions to the school year in 2020-21, the group creatively adapted to the circumstances. Working with the Boys and Girls club, Artscapes provided over thirty children with at-home art kits to share with their families. The kits came with a link to a YouTube video that families could follow along just like Bob Ross’s old show!

Children aged 6-10 received kits to make moldable clay soap. The younger kids learned about the different ingredients and how they combined to create a finished product that is both fun and useful. The project combined art and science in a fun and easy way for kids to learn skills and knowledge from each.

Children aged 11-17 received kits that taught them how to paint their own version of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting, Starry Night. The kits included everything needed to learn about and paint their own masterpiece with brushes, paint, canvas, and instructions all included in a fun package.

Artscapes has applied for an Arts Build Communities grant again for this year. If awarded, the group plans to organize a book with submissions from community members concerning their experiences during 2020.


Young adults gather and inspire each other

AS IS (After School Inclusive Sharing) is an open, non-judgmental space for high school students to gather and create/share whatever is relevant to them that week. Artwork, music, poetry, stories of prose or just what funny or weird things happened lately. We gather every Wednesday after school (3:30-4:30) during the Cocke County school year when classes are in session.​

Sponsored by Tennessee Arts Commission


Small Business Training for real people

CoStarters is a real world small business training for every day people .We can help you with taxes & finances, marketing & branding, even just determining if you are ready to turn your hobby or idea into a business. The next cohort will be starting soon, call or email to register or find out more!

(423) 465-1256

Sponsored by Lift TN

Art 4 Kids

Afterschool Program for elementary students

K - 8th grade kids who enjoy science or art will have fun at our weekly sessions during the school year. We have lots of fun with STEAM (Science Technology Arts & Math) projects that are entertaining with a little education sneaking in the back. Come every Tuesday after school (3:30-4:30) on days which both Cocke County and Newport City schools are in. 

Sponsored by Tennessee Arts Commission

Pigeon River Stories Program and Exhibition


East TN Artscapes is worked in collaboration with Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee​, East TN PBS, and a diverse group of Local Elders (seniors, 65+) who have a variety of experiences and memories associated with the Pigeon River. We documented these Pigeon River stories via a series of gatherings held at East TN Artscapes in Downtown Newport. A documentary film is in the works as well as a children's book.

Sponsored by Tennessee Arts Commission

Courthouse Bench Beautification


The central pedestrian area of our town is the courthouse lawn. The benches there had fallen into disrepair and their renovation greatly increases the appeal of our downtown area. The project was a collaboration with The Cocke County Partnership, and Cocke County Leadership Class of 2017. 

Each bench features one of our great state's symbols and is painted by a local artist. Plaques on the backs of the benches name donors and honorees. We hope generations to come are inspired by and enjoy this beautification project.

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